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Whatever your device, GeoH works.

GeoH works the same on all platforms, web, mobile, or tablet.

GeoH works on all devices.

Created by Agency Owners and Technologists

With 20+ years of experience working in home health care and technology, GeoH was built with the workflow of home healthcare in mind. From payer source to consumer, how the industry works is embedded in how the software functions.

Keep up with industry knowledge and trends

Truly mobile-first experience.

Working in the field is a reality of home care, learn how GeoH makes this easy.

Powerful recurring scheduling

  • Schedule every third Thursday.
  • Last Tuesday of the month.
  • Specify the plan of care on a daily basis.

Payroll Integration

  • What used to take a whole day, takes minutes.
  • Real-time payroll calculations and export.
  • Know your costs and monitor overtime.

Real-time Hour Calculation

  • Get paid for every hour you're allowed.
  • Manage and track all client hours in real time.
  • Automatically detect scheduling conflicts.

Caregiver Management

  • Create and onboard new caregivers in minutes.
  • Reset passwords and disable access.
  • Link caregivers between multiple organizations.
  • Restrict critical patient information.



Simply Put, Simple Pricing

No hidden fees, no up-charges for features.

$50/ month

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